Is your website working for you…

… or are you working for it!

Maybe you don’t have the skills… or the time… or the knowledge. It doesn’t matter to us, we want to help get your website up and running as soon as possible. The sooner your website is up and running, the sooner it’ll be working for you and leaving you free to focus on the rest of your business.

New Business?

If you’re just starting out, you’ll know as well as we do that an efficient and productive website will be key to your success. That’s why we specialise in helping small and medium businesses get their website productive quickly. Of course, you’ll need to commit an amount of time to make sure we’re working in the right direction. But once we have your brief, you can leave the rest to us and focus on the thousand and one other things you need to do.

Established Business?

Great! You have your business running and maybe you already have a website but it’s not performing as expected? Or maybe you need to build a website to help promote, grow and take your business to the next stage. In this case we’ll get working on that straight away to help you make the most of your time and investment.

Low Cost Websites – From as little as £119!!!

Using the WordPress website platform, we can keep the cost of your website extraordinarily low! Out experience and expertise enables us to produce quality work with minimal effort. And, depending on your ability and available time, you can keep the cost low by doing much of the work yourself under our expert guidance. The choice is yours: leave it to us to do the whole thing or get involved and enjoy the learning experience.

The Process

Step 1

To begin with please complete our web design enquiry form. This will include your contact details and brief details about your website needs.

When completing the form, think hard about what you need from a website. Think about the style of website eg., blog, shop, portfolio, business service pages, etc. Then think about what you can provide in terms of content, product catalogues or pictures to help keep the costs lower.

Step 2

We’ll agree a time and date for a consultation. This will be by Zoom or face-to-face depending on your location and your needs.

As part of this consultation, we’ll discuss the different styles and purposes of a website. We’ll discuss your business or hobby and help you to understand your obligations.

We’ll also briefly discuss your budget and realistic timescales.

Step 3
Agree Terms

Following our discussions, we’ll submit a proposal which clearly describes our role and the necessary commitments that you will need to make. The latter is to ensure we end up with everything you need.

Up to this point, the work we’ve done won’t cost you a penny whether you decide to proceed or not. If you agree to our proposal, you’ll make a small up-front payment and further stage payments on satisfactory completion of each phase.

Step 4
Design and Publish

We’ll help you choose the right template, domain name and hosting option and then produce our first draft.

We then go through several cycles of design, review and approve until we’re all happy that the website meets your needs.

The website will then be published and live. We can then hand the keys to you for ongoing development. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our ongoing website management service. The choice is yours.

Want to know more?

Fill in the form below with as much information as you like. And we’ll get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail. And remember – this is a no obligation enquiry; if you’re not entirely satisfied with what we propose, it won’t cost you a penny.

Submitting the form implies that we have permission to use the details provided in order to discuss your needs and provide a proposal. We will retain the information while we believe that you may be interested in our services but they will not be passed on or used for any other purpose. You can ask for your details to be removed at any time.